FTP Server

Simplify FTP connection management with Cacevo FTP server and Cacevo Cloud browser.

FTP Server & Cloud Browser

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) has existed for over 50 years, which makes it among the most popular and common communication protocols for exchanging files between servers and clients.

Cacevo supports both server and client FTP connections. Traditionally setting up your own FTP server can be tricky, time consuming and costly. However, with Cacevo every flow can be connected with our included FTP server accounts. All EDI files stored in Cacevo Cloud FTP can be access via the online browser or you can use any FTP client of your choice. This makes testing and monitoring of any flow very easy!

In addition to FTP, Cacevo can integrate other transfer protocol such as AS2, API, web hooks or email using one of our other connectors.

Example FTP account viewed in the online browser.

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